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Running Coaching

Unlock your potential with personalised running coaching from Tof Athletica. We will work with you to develop a customised training program that fits your unique goals, fitness level, and schedule. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start running, an experienced athlete aiming to improve your performance, or someone who wants to enhance their overall fitness and well-being, we’ve got you covered.

Our coaching services include personalised plans, group training, and virtual coaching. We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential and achieve lasting results.

Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Sign up today or contact us to schedule a consultation.

What’s on offer?

$120 / month

Personalized Training Plans: We offer customized training plans that are tailored to your specific goals and fitness level.

Accountability and Motivation: We provide regular check-ins and progress tracking to help keep you accountable and motivated.

Flexibility: Our coaching services are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your schedule and needs.

Community Support: We offer access to a growing community of like-minded runners who are also working towards their goals.

Injury Prevention: We provide guidance on injury prevention and recovery through member-discounted massage services to help you stay healthy and injury-free.

Program and Tracking: Weekly schedule provided via Final Surge

Basic Nutrition & Strength Coaching: We offer nutrition and strength coaching to help you fuel and build your body for optimal well-being.

Race Preparation: We provide guidance on race preparation, including pacing strategies, mental preparation, and more.

Communication: Unlimited contact via email/WhatsApp as needed

These services are designed to help you achieve your running goals faster and more efficiently while providing the support and guidance you need to stay motivated and injury-free.

Why Tof Athletica?

Introducing Chris, the owner and coach of TOF ATHLETICA. With a background and a deep involvement in various sports as well as being a national league football referee and a member of North Harbour Bays Athletics, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

As a former football player and dedicated referee, I understand the importance of fitness and performance on the field. My experiences have instilled the discipline, sharpness, and decision-making skills required to excel in sports.

My passion for running developed during his involvement in school cross country and community races. I do not regard myself as an elite runner but pride myself on being an everyday runner. I am just like you running to stay fit and help my mental health. I am lucky enough to have started my own journey into marathons after completing over 30 half-marathons and many other distance races. I train hard and am consistently looking for improvement and I know the dedication and perseverance necessary to achieve running goals, but most importantly I just want to have fun and enjoy my running!

Choosing to run with Tof Athletica means gaining a dedicated mentor who will guide you through every step of your running journey. With professionalism, expertise, and a personalised approach, I will help you exceed your limits, achieve your goals, and unlock your full potential and become the best version of yourself!

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