Pre-Run Food Ideas

Eating the right foods before a run can provide you with the necessary energy and nutrients to perform at your best and help prevent any discomfort or digestive issues during your run. Gone are the days of running fasted. During training, we want to be fueling appropriately and training the body to handle various meals pre-run to add to the enjoyment of running and training leading to longevity. Here are some pre-run food ideas:

Banana with Peanut Butter: A banana is a good source of carbohydrates and potassium, while peanut butter adds some healthy fats and protein for sustained energy.

Oats: A bowl of oats provides complex carbohydrates and fibre, which release energy gradually. You can top it with fruits, nuts, or a drizzle of honey for added flavour.

Whole Grain Toast with Avocado: Whole grain bread offers carbohydrates, and the avocado adds healthy fats and a dose of vitamins and minerals.

Greek Yogurt with Berries: Greek yogurt contains protein and probiotics, which can help with digestion. Berries are rich in antioxidants and add natural sweetness.

Smoothie: Blend together a mixture of fruits, leafy greens (such as spinach or kale), yogurt or milk, and a scoop of protein powder for a quick and nutritious pre-run drink.

Energy Bars: Look for energy bars that are high in carbohydrates and moderate in protein and fats. Check the labels to ensure they are not too high in added sugars.

Rice Cakes with Nut Butter: Rice cakes are easily digestible and provide carbohydrates, while nut butter adds healthy fats and some protein.

Quinoa Salad: Quinoa is a complete protein and provides carbohydrates, along with various vegetables and a light dressing for added flavour.

Trail Mix: Create a mix of nuts, dried fruits, and a few dark chocolate pieces for a balanced combination of carbohydrates, fats, and a touch of sweetness.

Pasta with Lean Protein: If you have a longer run planned for the day, a meal of whole-grain pasta with a lean protein source (chicken, turkey, tofu, or beans) and some vegetables can be an excellent option.

Remember to try different foods during your training to see what works best for you.

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